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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:50 am 

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In consultation with the site owners we have adapted the Planet F1 Forum rules as follows;

1 Trolling, baiting, spam (which does NOT include research for dissertations - we aren't anti-student here!), inappropriate content and abuse are considered inappropriate for this forum. Also, please note public allegations [and displays] of fanboyism and trolling are not appropriate. Report them, fine. DO NOT call them out in the threads. Please note that posting the image of Flavio Briatore showering in a thong is an offense which carries an immediate ban due to problems we had with it before. This is now extended also to include the nude photo of Christian Horner. We've all seen it, and the majority don't wish to repeat that experience.

2 Do not post libel - please recall that this forum is subject to the same legal restrictions as every other publication. We include the posting of "Fan Fiction" within this rule to counter ambiguity. If in doubt, either ask a moderator or do not post it. Similarly, posting entire articles [except in translation] is not permitted. Please keep extracts to 5 lines or less, and ALWAYS provide a link to your source. Unverified information is liable to be discarded, and repeatedly posting such may be classed as trolling.

3 Attacking other members, or bashing drivers/teams/individuals/groups is not permitted.

4 Multiple log ins are not allowed. Anyone who seeks to create more than one log in will have all of them banned immediately.

5 As a courtesy to others multiple threads on the same topic should not be created. If another thread exists on the first 3 pages of the forum you should use it. Duplicate threads will be deleted and users who consistently indulge in such behaviour may be banned. Please avoid using cryptic or misleading titles for threads to avoid this sort of thing happening.

6 If you have a concern about a post you should report it. Quoting posts that break the rules should not be done. If you quote a post that comes to our attention, you may receive the same punishment, regardless of your record.

7 Your email address should be kept up to date in case we need to contact you. Contact us if there is a problem with your details.

8 Moderator decisions are not to be questioned on the forum outside of the official Feedback Thread for the sake of avoiding derailed threads.

9 If a thread is deleted it will because it has broken the forum rules. You should not attempt to re-post it. Such an attempt WILL incur a more serious sanction.

10 Abuse of a mod will not be tolerated in any circumstances. This includes wasting our time with reporting posts that do not contain content you claim.

11 Links to or information on how to access restricted content must not be posted at P-F1. This includes illegal streams, online recordings of races and age-restricted content. Please be aware we allow members as young as 16 [although some may be as young as 13 due to the 16 limit being a new rule and not applied retrospectively]. Breach of this rule WILL incur AT LEAST a temporary ban.

12. Under no condition must a member make public any moderator actions about another member of the forum.

13. Posts designed solely to advertise may result in your account being terminated.

14. Please note that anything to do with the BBC show 'Top Gear' is NOT considered a motorsport-related topic.

15. The website is NOT a permissable source - they have been found to simply steal articles from other sites so PLEASE use the originals. Sanctions WILL be imposed on anyone citing this as a source.

16. For credibility reasons, as well as the site owner's tireless self-promotion on this board, the website of thejudge13 is also prohibited as a source.

We operate a 'three strike' policy at Planet-F1. The first is a formal warning, which will typically be received as a Private Message from one of the moderation team. The second is a temporary ban of your account, normally for 7 complete days. The final strike incurs a permanent ban from the forum, which may be coupled with an IP ban if we feel it is necessary. IP bans will be particularly applied to those with multiple accounts. Please note we are under no obligation to stick to this policy in the case of new members or certain activity within the forum.

When registering with Planet F1 Forum you will need to provide the following bits of information.

It is common sense but login names should not contain swear words or racist language. Failure to comply with this may lead to your IP address being banned.

Logins that praise a given driver are of course all right. You are free to choose a login that expresses a contrary view (so long as said contrary view is not expressed in language that contravenes the rule on swear words or racism) but bear in mind that a login that supports/puts down a driver will colour how the rest of the forum sees you.

For security reasons it is best not to use a name or word associated with F1 or other people could gain access to your account. Should you forget your password a new one can be supplied to you. You can change your password at any time.

Email Address
Please ensure that your email address is kept up to date so that you can be contacted if needed.

This is your real name, not your login.

Date of Birth
Month and Year is enough, specific date of month is not required.

Country is specific enough for this.

The option to have your email address visible to other members of the forum is set to "no" by default.We would recommend that you leave it set to this option.

Please note if you have an account on the main Planet-F1 website, you will need to set up a seperate account to take part in forum debates.

If you make an error typing your username, EMAIL ME. Do not apply again or it will be assumed you have set up duplicate accounts and none will be approved.


P-F1 Mod []

Your first post[s] will need mod approval - details here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1262


PostPosted: Wed Mar 13, 2013 4:12 pm 

Joined: Tue Sep 26, 2006 9:21 am
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Please note, because obviously the rule isn't clear enough, that requesting streams of races is not tolerated. I've lost count of the number of these threads we've locked and deleted. New members especially, take note.

AlienTurnedHuman wrote:
("Anonymous") probably thought he was God. At least until he was banned. Which means if he was God, it makes me very scared of PF1-Mod.

Yes, we have a swear filter now. No, it doesn't change coffin to 'place of rest'.

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