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 Post subject: Re: Women's F1 series
PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 8:24 pm 

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Banana Man wrote:
Zoue wrote:
Jezza13 wrote:
"Definitely within the next decade," said Wolff. "There's a few of us close to F1 now. It would just take a massive leap of faith for one of the teams to give a female a chance. There are many people within F1 who would like to see it happen."

And the reason why it would take a massive leap of faith is that F1 teams don't win anything by promoting diversity, they win by promoting the best talent. None of the women "close to F1 now" are worth taking a massive leap of faith for because the team that does so would lose on track to the competition. I've no doubt it will happen one day, but there's no point promoting by numbers if the raw talent isn't there

Wolff annoys me TBH.

This just stinks of naivety and playing the victim. As if her gender was what stopped a top team giving her a chance. If I could paraphrase her a little more accurately, "It would just take a massive leap of faith for one of the teams to give a significantly untalented driver a chance"

Also annoying that she got an MBE basically for marrying Toto.

yep. agree

 Post subject: Re: Women's F1 series
PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:24 pm 

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bradtheboywonder wrote:
Jezza13 wrote:
As for your reason as to why you think the biology argument is redundant, I just don't know what to say. I'm staggered that in 2017 you'd think that is actually the way biology & evolution works.

I admit I'm not an expert in biology, but I know history, and I know over the last 200 years, people have claimed that blacks and Jews were biologically inferior to white people, gays can be cured and the French are the greatest lovers on earth.

So in my opinion, biology has been used as a way to justify discrimination. Knowing the thoughts of experts then, and knowing what we know now, I take your claims and proof with a grain of salt.

But... men and women are biologically different. That's undeniable fact, and quoting a bunch of random unrelated prejudices doesn't change that.

If you think they're not then you should go start a thread about how more men need to be encouraged to give birth, because they just haven't been given a fair chance and maternity wards are full of women.

There are many sports with large sample sizes of competitors and unbiased measurement of results where men quite clearly perform better than women - just look at the world records for any track and field event, or swimming, or weightlifting etc. There are other sports where men and women compete equally and successfully like equestrianism and fishing. And then there are others, like motorsport, where it is assumed that men and women can compete equally, but there isn't really any measurable evidence of that.

My suspicion is that they could compete equally at lower levels, in fact women would probably do better in karting on average because of weight differences, but at higher levels and particular in F1, there is a certain amount of strength and endurance required - remember the iconic images of Ayrton Senna being helped out of his car after expending all his energy in the Brazilian GP, or even Wehrlein's struggles to get fit enough to compete this season. If you believe men have higher strength than women (which shouldn't be a controversial opinion as it is backed up by so many measurable results in other sports), then that does raise a question mark.

I don't buy the idea that women are disadvantaged on the way up, there is plenty of evidence that the opposite is true and teams fall over themselves for the publicity related to having a female driver. There just haven't been any women who are competitive enough. There may be in future, but remember that only ~22 people take part in F1 in any given year - that's a pretty tiny elite club to get into.

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