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Which driver won each intra-team battle in Spain?
Poll ended at Thu May 23, 2019 1:12 am
Hamilton 11%  11%  [ 15 ]
Bottas 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Vettel 7%  7%  [ 10 ]
Leclerc 4%  4%  [ 5 ]
Verstappen 11%  11%  [ 15 ]
Gasly 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Ricciardo 8%  8%  [ 12 ]
Hulkenberg 1%  1%  [ 1 ]
Magnussen 8%  8%  [ 12 ]
Grosjean 1%  1%  [ 2 ]
Sainz 9%  9%  [ 13 ]
Norris 1%  1%  [ 1 ]
Perez 9%  9%  [ 13 ]
Stroll 1%  1%  [ 1 ]
Raikkonen 10%  10%  [ 14 ]
Giovinazzi 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Albon 2%  2%  [ 3 ]
Kvyat 8%  8%  [ 11 ]
Russell 10%  10%  [ 14 ]
Kubica 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Total votes : 142
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PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2019 1:12 am 

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The results from the Baku TMW vote are as follows:


TMW race winner: Bottas (95%)
Hamilton 2 - 2 Bottas
Hamilton 46% - 54% Bottas

Right now, you could make the argument that the biggest loser of the 2019 season so far has been a guy who isn't even racing in 2019: Esteban Ocon. Valtteri Bottas 2.0's performances have him tied 2-2 with the 5-time WDC, and now actually nudging ahead after a retribution-fuelled victory on the streets of Baku. His pole lap was without an individual purple sector, yet good enough over the whole lap to steal P1 on the grid, his first few laps made sure he was out of DRS range, and even when Lewis started applying some pressure in the closing laps Valtteri was faultless and it was actually Lewis himself who ran a little wide. If the Mercedes TMW is as competitive for the rest of 2019 then pre-season predictions that Ocon would take Bottas' seat - some suggesting it would be before the end of the 2019 season - look to be a long way wide of the mark!

TMW race winner: Vettel (75%)
Vettel 3 - 1 Leclerc
Vettel 50% - 50% Leclerc

A TMW result which was settled before a wheel was turned in Q3, as Charles Leclerc - who had already kissed the wall a couple of times - full on penetrated it, locking up and trying to make the corner regardless to eliminate himself from the fight for pole. His performance in the race was strong, not aided by another questionable Ferrari strategy, but the damage was already done. Seb Vettel never really looked like he was fighting the win, but a clean weekend was enough to give him his third TMW victory of 2019, as well as even the percentage vote at 50-50.

Red Bull
TMW race winner: Verstappen (80%)
Verstappen 4 - 0 Gasly
Verstappen 96% - 4% Gasly

Once again it's time to try and find a positive for Pierre Gasly! Well, he was fastest in Q1, and his TMW score isn't as terrible as that of two other drivers. But the reality is he's just not been quick enough and as much as missing the weigh bridge can happen to the best drivers, it was a mistake he could've done without. It can't be too long before we start getting rumours about Red Bull dropping Gasly for Albon, or maybe even dropping Gasly for Alonso. It's been way too long since we've had a good Alonso-to-Red Bull rumour, after all! I mean he would technically be done with Toyota in time for the French GP... Meanwhile Max continues to look great comparatively, and a season alongside Gasly looks to be doing his reputation no harm at all.

TMW race winner: Ricciardo (58%)
Ricciardo 2 - 2 Hulkenberg
Ricciardo 29% - 71% Hulkenberg

I think it was said best in the vote thread: as hilarious and amateur as Ricciardo reversing into Kvyat was, Hulkenberg had such a bad weekend that Danny Ric still took the TMW vote 'honours' in Baku. Another race where at least one Renault failed to make it to the end of the race. Five such instances from the first four races is pretty poor and the worst of any team in 2019 so far.

TMW race winner: Magnussen (90%)
Magnussen 3 - 1 Grosjean
Magnussen 81% - 19% Grosjean

Well at least this time Ericsson didn't hit Grosjean... in general though, it was a tough weekend for Haas. KMag at least made it into Q2, and with Grosjean not making it to the end of the race that's probably a factor in the Dane receiving the majority of the TMW vote. It gives F1's bad boy a healthy lead after four races, ahead 3-1 and with over 80% of the vote for the season so far.

TMW race winner: Sainz (60%)
Sainz 2 - 2 Norris
Sainz 29% - 71% Norris

A close vote in Baku for the McLaren pair isn't hugely surprising. Norris made it into Q3 at the expense of his teammate, who himself just missed out (by less than two hundredths of a second, nonetheless). Penalties meant Sainz lined up directly behind Norris on the grid, and was behind him on the track until McLaren opted to make a late pitstop due to warm up concerns after the late VSC. It meant that Sainz ended up finishing ahead of Norris on the track. Perhaps the only surprising thing about the vote is that it was Sainz who actually won it when there's a good argument that Norris was quicker but lost out because of strategy. Then again if McLaren were right then he might've lost out on the track anyway...

Racing Point
TMW race winner: Perez (100%)
Perez 3 - 1 Stroll
Perez 66% - 34% Stroll

One car qualified P5, the other P14. One car finished P6, the other P9. It's no surprise that Perez received the whole vote given his best-of-the-rest performance on Saturday and Sunday in Baku, but I suppose we should begrudgingly commend Stroll for a good recovery drive on Sunday, and highlight that if he wasn't so awful in qualifying, he might actually be causing Perez a few problems. However, the fact that he is that awful on Saturday means a second consecutive 100% TMW win for Perez, as well as a handy 3-1 lead for the year.

TMW race winner: Raikkonen (100%)
Raikkonen 4 - 0 Giovinazzi
Raikkonen 98% - 2% Giovinazzi

Giovinazzi was perhaps a little unlucky here. He outqualified Kimi and, if not for an enforced grid penalty, could've been in good position to take his first TMW win of 2019. As it was he suffers another crushing defeat because as unlucky as he was, he still finished behind the 2007 World Champion on the track in spite of Kimi having to start from the pit lane. Kimi, meanwhile, recovers from the pit lane to keep his 100% points scoring record going.

Toro Rosso
TMW race winner: Albon (60%)
Albon 3 - 1 Kvyat
Albon 48% - 52% Kvyat

Another close-ish vote. Aside from Perez, Kvyat was the star of qualifying, ending up P6 while his teammate failed to make it into Q3. In the race he just seemed to be going backwards, and then in an ironic twist, was hit by someone going backwards. Alex Albon ended up where he started, which was about as good as it got for the team after qualifying ended, and claims his third TMW victory of 2019. Interestingly he still trails in terms of percentage for the year, Toro Rosso currently being the only team with that particular quirk.

TMW race winner: Russell (100%)
Russell 4 - 0 Kubica
Russell 98% - 2% Kubica

Considering what happened at the start of FP1, Russell did pretty well to comeback and outperform Kubica in the race. He also avoided sticking it in the wall, which is always a plus, and claims a second TMW 100% vote victory in a row. It means that like Antonio Giovinazzi, Robert Kubica is 4-0 down and has received just two votes all season. Is the fairytale over? (That's a rhetorical question, by the way: the fairytale is definitely over).

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PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2019 3:27 am 
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Jenson's Understeer wrote: Charles Leclerc - who had already kissed the wall a couple of times - full on penetrated it...


I see this as a pretty easy slate for Spain. I voted Hamilton, Vettel, Verstappen, Ricciardo, Grosjean, Sainz, Perez, Raikkonen, Kvyat and Russel. Here's my reasoning on the ones that weren't completely cut-and-dried:

Vettel over Leclerc -- While Vettel certainly compromised his own first stint by locking up, and arguably benefited from a dubious strategy for his teammate, I think his pace was generally superior enough to take the win anyway.
Ricciardo over Hulkenberg -- Not much to choose between the two, but I think Ricciardo was a little better. The safety car makes it look closer than it really was.
Grosjean over Magnussen -- Quicker in qualifying, and looked in control until the safety car.
Sainz over Norris -- Although marginally outshone in qualifying, Sainz didn't have a clean run and was better in the race (including not causing his own DNF and a safety car!)

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PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2019 4:12 am 

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Exediron wrote:
Jenson's Understeer wrote: Charles Leclerc - who had already kissed the wall a couple of times - full on penetrated it...


I started doing the write up over the last week/ten days (I've been on holiday the last two weeks and wanted to get ahead, and even then this TMW ended up being pretty late in the week) and actually forgot I'd even written that :lol:

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