Any WDC potential predictions by veteran WDC drivers?
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Author:  Kolby [ Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:02 am ]
Post subject:  Any WDC potential predictions by veteran WDC drivers?

So have you guys heard any veteran F1 drivers saying that so and so driver would become a future wdc driver? If so please state here I'm interested to know who among the current grid has the potential. Veteran F1 drivers, notably Jackie Stewart has this some sort of ability or sense maybe because they're in the sport for a very long time and say some drivers would have the potential to be WDC drivers. For example in 1985 in the first round of the series which is in Brazil, Jackie Steward commentated that Ayrton Senna is a future world champion even without his wins at the time. Such a remarkable observation by him and it amazes me how he could acknowledge a person at such a young age with no achievements as of yet so far(except that monaco 2nd place). So are there any veteran drivers out there that had make some sort of prediction or rather, feel that a driver among the current generation has the potential to be WDC future winner?

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