2020 Group Pick 'Em. Return of the Joker!
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Author:  P-F1 Mod [ Tue Dec 03, 2019 3:59 pm ]
Post subject:  2020 Group Pick 'Em. Return of the Joker!

Welcome to the fifth year of this game. Rules are below, stolen from last year's thread again because I'm lazy.

The scoring system stays the same as 2019. It works well, generates big points but also keeps things close. Unless reigning champion Herb decides to get a 200 point jump on everyone again!

1st = 100 points
2nd = 87 points
3rd = 78 points
4th = 70 points
5th = 62 points
6th = 56 points
7th = 50 points
8th = 45 points
9th = 40 points
10th = 35 points
11th = 30 points
12th = 25 points
13th = 20 points
14th = 16 points
15th = 12 points
16th = 9 points
17th = 6 points
18th = 4 points
19th = 2 points
20th = 1 point

Points for teams will be the combined total their two drivers score under this system. So if Hamilton and Bottas are classified 1st and 17th, Mercedes would score 106 points for that race (100 + 6).

The transfer system works like this:

- Everyone starts with 200 transfer points to use however they wish. There is no limit on the number of transfers you can make per race or per group; the only limitation is the 200 points.
- A transfer will be considered final when a race weekend begins (when FP1 goes green). Like last year, a transfer can be requested in advance of a race weekend but cancelled before the weekend begins. However, this must be done in a separate post stating that you now wish to cancel that transfer. Deleting the original post will not be considered a withdrawal of a transfer request because I'm unable to see when posts are deleted (and therefore it would be open to abuse).
- A driver's transfer value is dictated by their standing in the WDC. Whichever driver is first in the WDC costs 20 points to transfer; the driver in 2nd costs 19 points to transfer; the driver in 3rd costs 18 points to transfer; and so on down to the driver in 20th, who costs just 1 point to transfer. Costs increase by a point for every extra driver entered next season, if any.
- A team's transfer value is dictated by their standing in the WCC. Whichever team is first in the WCC costs 40 points to transfer; the team in 2nd costs 36 points to transfer; and so on down to the team in 10th, which costs 4 points to transfer. Costs increase by a point for every extra team entered next season, if any.
- When you transfer a driver/team out of your selections, you do not receive their value back in additional points. There are also no additional points on offer for not making transfers (as there were in the previous transfer rules).
- At the end of the season, any transfer points you have remaining will be added to your overall score. The inactive team rule has been rescinded, because even if someone gives up on the game or forgets about it, I feel their efforts at the start of the season shouldn't be dismissed. Nonetheless it would be nice to see people posting more often in these threads.
- No transfers will be permitted until after the third race of the season. This is to try and avoid a situation where misfortune in the opening rounds results in a driver/team being significantly less expensive than they otherwise would be. It is also to ensure extra weight is attached to everyone's initial picks.

The Joker system returns for this year. This is new, hence the bold. Drivers are divided into 4 groups, teams to 3. Each group offers one chance for an extra nomination for a single round.

Driver jojkers:

Group 1 will be usable in rounds 3-7.
Group 2 will be usable in rounds 8-12.
Group 3 will be usable in rounds 13-17.
Group 4 will be usable in rounds 18-22.

Team jokers work the other way around:

Group 3 will be usable in rounds 5-10.
Group 2 will be usable in rounds 11-16.
Group 3 will be usable in rounds 17-22.

All these things will be announced when I post the scores, so you don't need to commit this to memory or keep referring back. I will also post a reminder of who has chosen whom from the active groups prior to the next round.

2018 Groups

You need to make one selection from each group, so you end up with four drivers and three teams.

What If...

This was a pretty useful section to have last year so I'm including it again.

What if one of my selections is replaced by a driver not on the grid? For example, one of my selections gets sick of his GP2 - sorry, FIA F2 - engine and decides to quit F1? (Sorry, Jenson). Or one of my drivers is unable to take part in a race due to injury/suspension? Then you will receive any points scored by the replacement for as long as they continue to replace the original selection. You would, of course, be able to transfer out the replacement for another driver in that group.
What if the aforementioned F2 engine suddenly improved and the disgruntled Spaniard decided, actually, he quite fancied racing in F1 again? (Sorry, Jenson). Well if you hadn't transferred out his replacement, you would revert back to having Alonso in your team. If you had transferred out his replacement then you would continue with the driver you transferred into your team, but would be able to transfer Alonso back in upon his return if you wanted.
What if we have a repeat of 2016 whereby one driver on the grid swaps seats with another driver on the grid, like Max Verstappen and Daniil Kvyat? Using 2016 as an example, from the moment Red Bull promoted Verstappen, anyone who had originally selected Kvyat began scoring whatever points Verstappen scored, whilst those who had originally selected Verstappen started scoring the points Kvyat scored. Essentially, it is treated as a driver being replaced so as not to unbalance my carefully crafted driver groups! Of course, the big difference now is you can transfer out one (or both) drivers involved in a swap if you wished.
What if a driver and/or team is excluded from the result of a race? I won't post the results for a race until, at the earliest, Monday afternoon, and they'll usually come later in the week as it takes a little time to write it all up. So hopefully any exclusions will have been made very clear by that point. However, if a driver/team is under investigation when I post the results then they will remain unofficial until that investigation has been concluded and it all becomes official.
What if a driver or team I've selected is excluded from the overall standings, such as Schumi in '97 or McLaren in '07? I would do what I did in 2018 with Force India, and continue to consider them the same entry as they did in effect replace the previous entry in the same way as Schumacher was replaced by Salo in 1999. I realise this is a departure from the original rules, but financial woes or major infringements that result in these huge penalties shouldn't affect what is ultimately just a fun prediction game rather than an FIA sanctioned, serious sport. Not that I expect our reigning champion not to be bragging about his win all Christmas!
What if I want to make a transfer for the next race, but FP1 had already begun? I'm going to be very clear on this: no transfers will be accepted once FP1 has commenced. As I will not always be online at that moment, I will take the timestamp on any post made as a means to determine whether a transfer is permitted or not. So if FP1 is scheduled to begin at 9am GMT, if a transfer post was made at 8:59am GMT then it would be accepted; if it were made at 9:00am GMT then I will assume FP1 has commenced and it would be rejected. Of course, if the start of FP1 is delayed then I would do my best to find the exact time it began and use that time as the deadline for transfers.
What if something that hasn't been covered here happens? In that case I would put it to a vote whereby the majority would rule. I would try to run any poll for a week but if it were something that needed to be determined for the next race weekend, I would set a deadline of the start of FP1.
What if a 21st driver takes part in a race; how does that affect the transfer point costs? In that scenario, the 21st driver would, by virtue of being bottom of the WDC standings, have a value of 1 point. Every other position in the WDC would therefore see its value increased by 1 transfer point, so 1st in the WDC would cost 21 points, 2nd in the WDC would cost 20 points, and so on down to 20th, who would now cost 2 transfer points.
What if two new drivers take part in the season from the same race? We would extend the scoring as above, just by two places this time. In terms of how the values of those two drivers would be determined, as I assume neither would be officially ranked in the WDC standings until they had taken part in a race, whichever was officially confirmed for their season debut first would be deemed to be higher in the WDC standings and therefore would cost the additional transfer point.
What if a dinosaur eats Alonso? HOW will buy Honda, and the 6 tenths will be transferred equally between all teams, minus Ferrari's finder's fee.

Full Transfer Point Costs [assuming no 11th team or 21st driver]
WDC/WCC position: Driver/Team
1st: 20/40
2nd: 19/36
3rd: 18/32
4th: 17/28
5th: 16/24
6th: 15/20
7th: 14/16
8th: 13/12
9th: 12/8
10th: 11/4
11th: 10
12th: 9
13th: 8
14th: 7
15th: 6
16th: 5
17th: 4
18th: 3
19th: 2
20th: 1

Any questions, feel free to ask. I'm posting this early, but groups will be arranged after testing though I have one based on 2019 performance that those groups will partly be based on.

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